Apr 23, 2008

California Bar Exam Private Tutorial Applications Released

Applications are now available for The Bar Code July 2008 private tutorial. Submissions will be accepted beginning on May 1, 2008. As a courtesy to those students awaiting bar results, applications will not be formally accepted until May 16, 2008. Thank you for your interest in The Bar Code.

Private Tutorial Applications (click to apply)

Apr 19, 2008

Why Are My Bar Exam Books Inconsistent?

A common complaint we hear from students in the bar review industry is that the multiple materials they use for bar prep vary significantly on specific points of law. Rule statements from one textbook may be different from those in another, and this causes great anxiety for students understandably interested in picking up every last essay point.

One of the reasons that the books are inconsistent is that the terminology in cases and commentaries is also not consistent. The Restatements occasionally help to remedy that situation, but often this takes an incredible amount of effort and time. Moreover, a Restatement is considered a secondary authority - a treatise published to address uncertainties but not binding. While they are often cited in court cases, they are still not the final word on the black letter law.

So it may be that one bar exam book pulls a rule from the Restatement, while another draws it from the highest binding opinion. It's not a big deal. The graders know that there is a difference and will give you credit for either definition. Most of the time they mean the same thing anyway.

Apr 18, 2008

The Bar Code Welcomes Greg Wolff to the Team

Greg Wolff, a Legal Writing and Moot Court Instructor at Hastings (and former bar grader) joined The Bar Code team in mid-March.

Greg has been a judicial attorney in both the Court of Appeal in Los Angeles and the California Supreme Court. He joins The Bar Code as the lead Essay Intensive instructor in Northern California. We are pleased to have him.

Whitney Roberts Releases Third Edition of The Bar Code Cheat Sheets

On May 20, 2008, The Bar Code will be releasing the third edition of its textbook, The Bar Code Cheat Sheets in Action, by founder Whitney Roberts, Esq. The updates will include 100 new footnotes, four new cheat sheets (Remedies - Specific Performance, Agency, Agency/Partnership, and Trusts) and a revised appendix.

The text will be offered for the same price of $139.95. It will be available in the Hastings College of Law and McGeorge bookstores no later than May 29, 2008.

To order, please click on this link: http://www.thebarcode.net/publications.aspx